Welcome to Eagle Christian Preschool

Laying the Foundation for a Lifetime of Learning

We are delighted that you are considering enrolling your child in Eagle Christian Preschool. We hope to have the opportunity to partner in the education of your child.


The Goal and Mission of Eagle Christian Preschool is to offer the highest quality educational, social and non-denominational spiritual development for the community’s pre-kindergarten aged children. We are committed to providing your child with an educational curriculum that will challenge his/her personal academic growth while in a safe and nurturing environment.


Eagle Christian Preschool is centrally located in a newly constructed building in the heart of downtown Eagle. We have all new ‘state of the art’ educational materials including computers, a library as well as a literacy and listening center.


The teaching philosophy is one that facilitates growth and development by focusing on the quality of the curriculum as well as the complete understanding and application of its content. We have small classroom settings and provide a positive learning environment.


Eagle Christian Preschool’s curriculum is broad in scope and was specifically designed as a kindergarten preparation program.


Every day is an opportunity to nurture a young mind, develop strong bodies and strengthen the spirit. Eagle Christian Preschool captures these opportunities using a well-rounded curriculum that goes hand-in-hand with the stages of early childhood development.  Our kindergarten preparation program builds the strongest possible foundation for every student in preparation for their on-going education.